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About Us

Gasparini Italian Imports specializes in home décor and fashion and gift items. In addition to inventoried items, we purchase special order items that meet your unique requirements.

We work with the best Italian artisans, buying as many handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces as possible. We do not purchase mass-produced items and carefully screen and research those items that we do buy. So, rest assured, we set the bar high on quality!

A word about pricing. Because we deal mostly with artisans and unique, handmade items, our inventory composition varies over time. Unlike mass producers, artisans do not necessarily have a steady assembly line of products, available in all colors and models at all times. To keep things simple, we put our inventory and its pricing into representative categories. For each category, such as Murano glass or antique prints, we provide a price range where possible. For more detailed pricing, please contact us. Also, please note that all prices on this Website are quoted in US dollars. Prices are subject to Euro currency rate fluctuations. In the case of custom orders, all sales are final.

Please take a look and contact us with any questions. Custom specs can be provided via our Contact US page. A PayPal button is included in the bottom border of each webpage to facilitate payment.

For information on events, please follow us via Twitter @GaspariniImport or click on our Contact Us link.